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Our PERSONALISED collection is centred around a classic denim staple. It combines different materials, textures and colors to create distinctive designs. Our unique jacket is slightly stonewashed to look and feel like your old favourite. Cropped to hit the narrowest part of your waist, so it looks better with high-rise pants or skirts.

Check our different variations below!


Personalised Denim Jackets

Fabric Personalisation on Denim

There are plenty of fabrics to choose from. From lace, jacquard to satin or cotton. Make a special statement by showing off one of our unique designs.

Patches Personalisation on Denim

Join the club of the patch lovers and express your individuality! These colorful patch additions will brighten your day…

Studs Personalisation on Denim

Studs are the ultimate statement of coolness! A special touch on some of our jackets! These metal spikes add an extra flair to your denim game.

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